villa & home care

 As the property market has developed on the island of Rhodes,  has identified a need for a professional service to cover the villa and home care sector . 

 Using a professional approach, as well as professional staff and equipment,  will keep your property in the best condition for you, your friends and clients or any prospective buyers who are looking to buy a well maintained property. 

We are now offering a range of services to local and foreign home owners to help with the maintenance of your property whilst you safeguard your investment. 

Post-Construction Cleaning. 

Changeover Cleaning Package

Maid Service, Housekeeping & In-House Catering 

Opening / Spring Package

Closing / Winter Package

Alfa Holiday Home Care (total Home Care) is fully bonded and insured , VAT and tax registered in Greece.

 Post-Construction Cleaning. 

Make sure that your new home is delivered to you free from cement and paint spills or general construction mess... let us remove the rubble and mess while you concentrate on more possitive aspects of your property...

Post-Constraction Cleaning.

Post-Constraction Cleaning is a thorough initial cleaning of the property when the builders have completed the building work.
It includes the removal of:
silicon, paint and cement from all interior and exterior tiles
paint from light switches and electrical sockets
packaging and stickers from kitchen units and bathroom fittings
pencil marks and sawdust from kitchen units and wardrobes
thorough cleaning of windows and shutters
All internal and external floors including all balconies will be mopped once they have been cleaned, and tiles and kitchen unit doors and wardrobes will be polished.

Post-Construction Cleaning is the perfect chance for the property owner to see every little detail of their new property without the distractions of mess and rubble before moving in to it.

Post-Construction Cleaning should ideally be completed before any furniture is placed within the house, however white goods will not cause any problems.

Contact us by e-mail or call us direct.

Changeover Cleaning Package

- Laundering of all linen and towels, tea towels, bath mats and throws/bedspreads as necessary *

- Vacuuming and mopping of all floor and skirting areas

- Cleaning of all bath and sanitary ware (inc. replacement of toilet paper & bin bags)

- Full cleaning of kitchen and equipment, work surfaces, inside fridge and cooker **

- Dusting/polishing of furniture and cleaning/care of soft furnishings

- Cleaning of all accessible glass and windows

- Hosing down of patio and balcony areas and garden furniture

*It is suggested that the owner supplies at least 2 full sets of linen and towels including mattress and pillow protectors


Maid Service, Housekeeping & In-House Catering 

Whilst you or your clients are in residence we can organise these services to suit your needs. Take the strain out of your precious holiday time and let us clean, tidy, shop or cook for you while you relax and enjoy your vacation.

-Daily or Weekly Maid Services

-Welcome Packs and Shopping

-Menu Planning and Catering

-Barbeques/Drinks and Dinner parties

For more information about what we can do for you contact us by e-mail or phone us direct.

Opening / Spring Package


1. Complete spring clean of property

2. Removal from storage and airing of linen etc

3. Curtain airing and hanging

4. Check of all electrical equipment

5. Cupboard cleaning

6. Removal from storage of garden furniture

7. Running and checking of air-conditioning units

8. Running and checking of washing machines


Closing / Winter Package


1. Complete cleaning of property

2. Laundering of all linen/towels/mats/bedding and storage for winter

3. Steam cleaning of floors

4. Steam cleaning of mattresses and pillows

5. Cleaning of soft furnishings/covers and dust covers in place

6. Cleaning of air-conditioning units & filters

7. Cleaning and storage of curtains

8. Full cleaning of window and door mechanisms/ fly screens and shutters/oiling of door and window     hinges

9. De-scaling of shower heads and kettles etc

10. Cleaning/de-scaling of dishwasher and washing machine

11. Full clean and service of garden furniture (oiling etc)

12. Solar water tank care


Alfa Holiday Home Care (total home care)

Basic Package

1. Key holding. (Preferably sole key holding for security purposes.)

2. Full inventory of villa contents (up-dated as necessary) and checked after each visit

3. Translation of electrical equipment manuals (if applicable) and maintenance (cleaning/checking)

4. Identification of electrical circuit boxes and checking/replacement of electrical bulbs.

5. Fortnightly check on property to include;

1. Visual inspection of exterior and interior

2. Check all plumbing and sanitary equipment Check for damp or leakage

3. Test appliances and electrics

4. Security checks of doors, windows /shutters

5. Examine furniture and fittings for wear and tear

6. Any damage recorded on digital camera and e-mailed

7. Air/ventilate property if not in use

8. Immediately deal with any minor problems or emergencies and report

9. Report on major problems and give proposed solutions

10. Monthly e-mail report

      6) When guests in residence one visit at beginning          and end of visit plus my        
          telephone number for enquiries/emergencies.
      7) All administrative costs, e-mails and phone calls
           to owners.   ΡΟΔΟΣ 85107   τηλ/φαξ:+30 2244048229   κιν:+30 6979042044